Kyouiku Mama to Oba to Oba / 教育ママと伯母と叔母
Format : DVD    
Game Size : 2150 MB    
Released: 24/08/2012    

Synopsis and Installation Instructions:

Kazuya Ubukata of Protagonist is a failed student who goes to prep school. The lecturer in the prepschool in mother, In the education minded mother with whom it takes side more moreover, Every day also in the house and the prepschool when a super-comfort is bad. However he in the Oedipus complex that mothers thing is loved, Though given figure and physique were received, When you hold the sordid desire in mother, Every day that utters a sigh ashamed of an abnormal disposition by yourself is spent. That sort of sons thought is not noticed, To mother who strengthens interference since in respects other than study...

I want mother to love, However i do not want to be hated.

The heart of Protagonist to lose the place to go, A relief of the conflict is requested, Aunt at one stage, and it is kept a heart wavers and shaking to an aunt... Was the love to mother physical? Is the love to an aunt and an aunt an imitation? Protagonist that keeps seeking desire to motherhood, Close relative love story.

1. Extract The Game.
2. Mount the MDS or ISO file using Daemon Tools
3. Run setup.exe To install the game.
4. Play the game ;)

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